Monday, 8 November 2010


Out of all the recent John Lennon remasters this is the one that is truly essential - Lennon's 1980 album was always too cluttered in 80's production, but for this reissue they've stripped back the over production which brings a clarity to Lennon's voice which is startling. The original album is also included on a second disc.

All in all it's a nice little package - the cover carries a pencil sketch by Sean Lennon based on the original cover photograph. There's also a nice booklet containing an essay written by Yoko Ono and some of the last ever photographs taken of John before his senseless murder.

The reason we're here though is the music - I must say I much prefer the stripped down version to the original album - it is startling how well Lennon was singing in these last few months of his life and by removing much of the overlaying vibes, the songs are really brought to life. I'm Losing you sounds so crystal clear that Lennon could be there in the room with you and Woman has never sounded so beautiful. Even Yoko's songs have a post punk grungy feel to them.

If you've already got Lennon's back list then the remastered versions don't really add anything new - well all except for Double Fantasy stripped down which really does make Lennon's final album that much better than it actually was.

There's a sadness to this album - hearing how on form Lennon was it makes the listener feel doubly cheated by that cunt who gunned him down.

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